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László Gajdos

Animal Husbandry Engineer


1996 – Founder of Sosto Zoo, CEO of Sosto Zoo since its establishment
Sosto Zoo is home of 5000 animals of 500 species, receives more than 500.000 visitors per year, and attains a EUR 5 million annual turnover.
A Nyíregyházi Állatpark főbejárata
2002-2004 – President of the Hungarian Zoo Association.

2003 – Leader of an expedition to Galapagos Islands, where the documentary titled „On the footprints of Darwin” was filmed, based on the storybook he wrote.
Galapagos expedíció
2004 – Engaged in the sales of pet and livestock supply and the promotion of responsible animal keeping.

2006 – Leader of an expedition to Komodo Islands, where the documentary titled „On the land of dragons” was filmed based on the storybook he wrote.
Komodó expedíció
2008-2010 – Creative designer and manager of the „Green Pyramid” project
The Green Pyramid was the first biodome in Hungary, exhibiting the flora and fauna of South-East-Asia in a 4000m2 tropical forest and oceanarium.
Zöld Piramis projekt Zöld Piramis projekt Zöld Piramis projekt
2008 – Inspired the establishing of the Hungarian-Indonesian partnership, in the remit of which a five-year staff and animal exchange program has been conducted between Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta) and Sosto Zoo (Nyíregyháza).
Magyar Indonéz állatkerti együttműködés
2010 – Executive producer of the TV film titled „Endangered”, depicting animal trafficking.

2015 – Manager of the „Victoria House” project
The Victoria House is a 2000m2 facility in Sosto Zoo, established for the housing of tropical birds and crocodiles.
Viktória Ház Projekt
2017 – Manager of the „Hotel Pangea – Ecocenter” project
Hotel Pangea is a thematic hotel operated by Sosto Zoo.
Hotel Pangea ökocentrum Hotel Pangea ökocentrum Hotel Pangea ökocentrum
Ongoing projects managed and cared by László Gajdos as creative designer:

„India House”
„Ice Age Project”

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Endre Ákos Papp


CEO, Co-owner

2006 – Head of Veterinary Services
Zoo and wildlife veterinarian, led Sosto Zoo’s veterinary department since its establishment.

Head of Veterinary Services Head of Veterinary Services
2007 – Vice Director of Zoology
Assisted the strategic planning, and all business activities of the zoological department of Sosto Zoo, tailored the standard operating procedures to the expansion of the animal collection from 300 to 500 species.
Vice Director of Zoology
2008 – Fostered a sister zoo program with Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta), in the frame of an intergovernmental partnership between Hungary and Indonesia.

2009 – Liaised with Animal Transport Association (ATA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA). Orgnaized and escorted long-haul live animal shipments of delicate species including Asian elephants, Komodo dragons and Western Lowland Gorillas as part of the „Green Pyramid” and „Tarzan’s Trail” project of Sosto Zoo.
Tarzan’s Trail” project of Sosto Zoo
2012 – Engaged with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) as Council member, Secretary, Chair of the Membership and Ethics Committee and member of the EAZA accreditation team.

2016 – Member of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV), submitted a presentation at the 2016 Joint AAZV/EAZWV/IZW Conference in Atlanta, USA.
2019 – Organized the Elasmo Meeting - Elasmobranch husbandry and health management workshop in Sosto Zoo, Hungary, which was attended by 50 veterinarians and aquarium curators from 17 countries.
Ongoing project:
Project manager - Facilitating inter regional partnership between Visegrad Country zoos in the developing of zoo-educational activities and a visitor guide for guests with visual impairment.