Zooinvest Ltd.
be the solution for living in harmony with wildlife


The mission of Zooinvest Ltd. is to emphasize the mutuality of living beings on this planet, and the major responsibility of humans to save them. The purpose of any activities performed by Zooinvest Ltd. must support people to facilitate the survival of our living environment.


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Master planning, exhibit design for zoos, thematic parks and aquariums

We know, how to spill wildlife into the leisure of families. We know how to surround them with fun. We know, how to turn their experience into memories. We know, how to exhibit animals in decent environment. We know, how to encourage harmony between wildlife and human. We know how to entertain with animals. We know how to give amusement with toys.

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Zoo consulting, project management

With more than twenty-year experience in the zoo industry, in the husbandry, veterinary care and management of wild and exotic animals we can give expert advice for facilities ranging from small petting farms up to the largest zoos and aquariums. How to attract visitors? How to ensure the smooth and economical operation of a facility? How to improve the welfare of the animals? How to build up complex nutrition and behavior enrichment program? How to achieve the highest visitor experience? How to attain safe and efficient animal transportation, capture and immobilization? How to contribute to the conservation of endangered species? How to develop a successful marketing strategy?

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Saving species

The earth is one huge ecosystem. It is difficult, but crucial to protect flora and fauna, in their habitat, from the harmful human interventions. It is of the same importance however, to secure their survival once removed from the wild, to give hope for posterity to potentially repatriate them at a future time.

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Supply of special animal handling products and medical equipment

Animal husbandry and healthcare is rapidly evolving in different expert areas. Each area requires various competencies. Special procedures need to be served with specialist technology. We are going to find the most appropriate equipment, and deliver the cutting-edge knowledge.

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Zoo education, animal keeper training, workshops and lectures

Knowledge is power, but power holds the instant responsibility of spreading the knowledge. Our ultimate goal is to touch the widest audience, the disadvantaged groups of our society in particular, with distinct education about the ecosystem.